Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

The Benefits On The Body From Drinking Water?
Before I discuss does drinking water help acne we first need to see what the benefits of drinking water is on the whole body to properly asses whether water can help clear acne. The benefits on the body from drinking water are:

Helps the body absorb nutrients much more effective
Helps with the metabolism
Flushes toxins from the body
Detoxifies the body
Protects and strengthen vital organs
Balance Hormones

The are some of the benefits that consuming water can have on the body. It is also important to remember that around 90% of our bodies consists of water.

Does Drinking Water Clear Acne?
When answering this question I like to look at some of the root issues that cause acne, and no it is not oily skin or impurities. Some of the root causes of acne are overload of toxins, deficient in vitamins/minerals, unhealthy organs, unbalanced hormones. Now If you move back up the page you will see that everything that water can help with are connected to what causes acne. So the answer to the above question does drinking water help acne then the answer is yes.

How Much Water Should I drink Per Day To Help Clear acne?
The amount of water per day that is recommended to clear acne can vary from person to person depending age, sex and how active you are as well as other factors, but a good rule to go by is eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Whether you have acne or not it is still essential do drink water everyday for over-all health.

Is It Better To Drink Tap Or Bottled Water To Clear Acne?
When it comes to the debate of tap water over bottled water they both have good and bad points. The Bad: Tap water is treated with chloride etc and bottled water can leach chemicals into the water from the plastic bottle. The Good: Tap water can be filtered to remove most chemicals, bottled water has been taken straight from the source and contains high amount of vitamins. When I was clearing my acne I used filtered tap water, mainly because I could not afford the cost of buying a ton of bottled water per week. But the truth is I would not worry to much what kind of source you are getting your water from as long as it is clean and safe it all works.

How Long Does Water take to help clear acne?
Putting a time on how long does it take for water to clear acne is impossible due to the many different factors, but a good way to see how effective a treatment is see how much after 30 days your acne has improved, if it is around 50% clearer you could estimate that 2 months until your acne is clear. But as all acne suffers know this is just a total guess due to the many different things that can trigger acne breakouts etc.
Does water added to beverages such as tea count?
No, only plain water counts as adding water to other beverages changes the structure of the water which will create different effects to the body.

A Super Mixture That Will Help To Blast Away Acne!
Every morning cut open half a lemon and squeeze the juice into a glass of water. This may taste very strange at first but it will help to clear toxins from the body and clean the insides. Do this daily and very soon you should see great improvements in your skin.